Wednesday, July 26, 2006

good morning, sunshine

peacock orchid
Originally uploaded by faerytreecreations.
this was the site that greated me this morning. sun shining through the little sugar maple in my front yard and 2 peacock orchids in full bloom with 3 more to follow.

what a beautiful morning!


Shari said...

lovely photo. i have never seen peacock orchids before. so pretty. :)

briana said...

Oh, so beautiful. Orchids make me swoon.

simple me said...

With this view it has to be a wonderful day.

Listoria said...

thank you everyone!

i had never really seen peacock orchids before either, but they came with a bunch of bulbs i ordered from my niece's school and they're amazing!! so easy to grow too! all i did was throw them in a hold in the ground and forgot about them. i love easy gardening like that!

Listoria said...

by the way, that was "hole" in the ground...not hold. guess i didn't do a very good job at proofing that comment!