Friday, July 21, 2006

5 senses friday...with new inspirations

feeling: hot, humid, sticky
hearing: construction vehicles and blasting whistles as they fix the streets around me; people yelling, splashing, playing in a pool next door; this morning: the various conversations of the patrons at the sunrise cafe in freeport, now: sadie moving, stretching, trying to stay cool.
smelling: exhaust from dump trucks; a hot, not quiet musty, attic smell; this morning: hot coffee, pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs cooking.
tasting: this morning: perfect blueberry pancakes, crisp bacon, refreshing homemade iced tea
my mother has this old cigar box filled with these crazy stamps! most of them have been cancelled, but some are still in excellent condition. the collection was started by my great grandfather, who was a dentist in brockton, massachusetts. through the years, my grandmother and my mother have added to this collection. many of them date back to the 1950's but some are older, some are still attached to envelopes bearing the names of relatives (mostly my greatgrandfather) and came from all over the world! some of them were purchased as sets (like these from monaco, hungary and even portugal).
my favorites are here, here and especially this one here.
so what will these new inspirations bring? i'm thinking of copying them and turning them into jewelry - earrings, bracelets, etc. they are just so funky! we shall see!
anyhoo, as this is my day off and it's already after 3:00, i think it's time to go find a body of water to jump in and get out of this heat that was supposed to be all day thunder and rain storms...hmmm, i see puffy white clouds, i see bright sun, i feel hot...good to know meteorologists are wrong!
have a wonderful weekend everyone, i am bar-b-que bound tomorrow!


Shari said...

very nice post tiff. love the stamp collection. stamp jewelry sounds so fun. i have pancakes on the brain. we may just have them tonight. cheers, shari

briana said...

Oh my, what a fabulous score! I looooove your idea about the jewelry - can't wait to see what you come up with. Okay, I'm waiting. tap. tap. tap.


have a beautiful weekend,

louise said...

Hi Tiffany,
What a wonderful box of treasure. The set from Hungry are particularly fantastic.

Listoria said...

shari - thank you! i was so excited to see this collection and i can't wait to try my hand at the jewelry. (i hope your pancakes were yummy).

briana - my aren't we the impatient one! :^) i'm going to try to make something this week and i'll be certain to post the result!

louise - when i found the hungarian ones, i thought of you and gracia! i'm so glad you liked them!


one black bird said...

hungary has a fabulous history of stamp design. my family is from there and I lived there. I was often given stamps as gifts so it really is part of the culture. The old ones are keepers...especially the ones made during communist occupation.

thanks for all your kind words of late.
so appriciated!

simple me said...

Wow! what a wonderful collection...and gosh! those portuguese ones are old. I like the hungarian ones and the atoms froms space as well. Fab!
Making jewelry with them...Great idea I'm curious...
have a good evening