Tuesday, July 11, 2006

one man's trash is another's treasure

so my sister comes over last night and unloads this little wooden table from her truck (i was mowing my lawn) and starts to bring it into my house, and i'm thinking "what on earth?" i figured it was something she was going to leave in my garage for my dad to fix the next time he came up. as i got closer to it, i realized what it was...it was a little sewing table!

on sunday i was heading over to picked up my niece and nephew to go shopping. this little sewing table was at the end of someone's driveway with a "free" sign on it (i figured it was something that didn't sell from a lawn sale, so they were just giving it away). i knew what it was and i was going to stop to look at it after i picked up the kids. on the way back up the street, (with the kids in tow) not but a few houses from my sister's, a truck pulls out in front of me. it slowed down and pulled over just at the house with the sewing table and a woman got out to inspect the table. i was kicking myself for not stopping before i got the kids! i should know better, to stop when i see something i want. i missed out on a dressmaker's form last summer when i passed a yard sale, but i was on my way to portland to help a friend move and i was already late. i still kick myself for not stopping for that one! but apparently i was not meant to have it.

apparently i was meant to have this little table! i was so psyched! it needs some sanding and painting...and a little shelf for my sewing machine to sit on, but with my dad's help, i can make it work the way i want it to! it reminds me very much of my gram's old set up (which either got sold at a yard sale or went to one of my aunts who doesn't sew after my gram passed), but her's was bigger with a shelved cabinet underneath.

it was a wonderful surprise! i'm so happy (thank you, dina!! and jessica for telling your mother i wanted it!!)

have a wonderful wonderful today, all!

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