Wednesday, July 12, 2006

fairy wings

how much am i lovin' the angry chicken blog right now?
my friend's daughter, megan, is turning 3 on thursday, but having her party on saturday and when i saw the fairy wings on the angry chicken blog, i knew that i had to make them! and who better to make fairy wings for than a 3 year old! i have to make a fairy wand, too, oooh and maybe a little flower petal skirt...hmmm, now i need fabric for flower petals and satin ribbon. but this is what the wings look like, so far:

these things are so very easy! a couple of metal coat hangers, a pair of pantyhose and duct tape! then you paint them and decorate them however you want. i still need to add glitter and maybe glue on some jewels; i have a funky shimmery gold/orange fabric that i will stitch around the center where the duct tape is, find a funky flower to put in the center and get some ribbon to stream from the flower! i should make her a little ribbon circlet for her head, too. oh this is so much fun! i hope i can finish everything by saturday!

for those of you who have the day to yourself, i hope it's spectacular. for those of you who have to work, i hope the day goes by quickly with little to no hassles and your evening is slow and languorous!

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simple me said...

Yes angry chicken is a very inspirational blog. I also pop in there sometimes.
It' always enjoyable to make things with your hands. Don't you think?
Have a great day my dear,