Friday, May 04, 2007

Lazy Friday


Listening to: Feist - The Reminder (totally rocks)

Feeling: antsy, wanting to be outside in the last rays of the sun

Thinkin' about: flowers...not all the work I need to do to get my backyard up to snuff, but the outcome - how my backyard will look when it's clean and planted and fenced *sigh*

Eatin' (well ate, as lunch is long done): a grilled rueben on rye with seasoned french fries from Hattie's.

Lovin':Taking time to actually leave work and drive to a restaurant to have a leisurely lunch with my friend (and former co-worker) Elizabeth, whom I haven't seen in a year

Wantin': a relaxing night with Melissa and Susie and their girls, by a roaring outdoor fire, roasting marshmallows (because today has just been crazy and it's still not over - I want to yell at the people in my boss' office, "It's 5:00 and it's Friday. GO HOME! Because I want to go home!")

Plannin': tomorrow morning's "Breakfast Bitch Session" - where the secretaries for the presiding officers of the legislature get together to vent (very therapeutic), buying dirt for my raised bed veggie garden, clearing the branch debris from the backyard

Wavin' goodbye now ~ Happy Friday!


lisa s said...

hope you are having a good weekend tiffany - enjoy today!

mati rose said...

hello fellow mainer!
that clearly is the most generous gesture ever to offer your polaroid! of course i would love it! what should i do? my address is:
Mati McDonough
2498 B Harrison St.
SF, CA 94110
i'll send you something fun back!

shari said...

hi tiff.

did you get your marshmallows? looking forward to seeing your garden as it grows. take care!