Monday, May 14, 2007

Traveling to Sri way of Maine

Every 6 to 8 weeks, my office exhibits new artwork, anything from paintings to photography to fabric art and paper art…and normally from artists who live in my boss’ district (I’ve photographed one of the exhibits before).

This time around, we’re surrounded by the photographs of John Beebe from Freeport, Maine.

His work is amazing! He spent a year long sabbatical in Sri Lanka and came away with the most fantastic of images. I wish I could take pictures of his photographs to show you, but they just don’t come out right (too much glare from the lights and window).

This one is my favorite. I want to transform her into an art quilt! She looks so knowing, like she has seen so much in her life.

Unfortunately, my other favorite is not on his website. I'd try to explain it, but just wouldn't do it justice - you really have to see it!

Check out his site - it's well worth your time to take the travel to Sri Lanka. Enjoy!


gracia said...

Links to follow, and a new look blog too... i have so much to catch up on. Looks as though I'd better make a hot chocolate and settle by the computer for a spell.
see you, g xo

shari said...

such a beautiful face in that photograph. wow. thanks for the link.