Monday, August 07, 2006

WIP to done

from this:
to this:

to this:

and "grazing" is done!

i'm feelin' a sense of accomplishment right now.

have a wicked evening, folks!


gracia said...

I love seeing the process behind things... and I like the look of those five sheep! A very contented life they appear to be leading.
cheers, gracia

simple me said...

Yeah! Like garcia I also like to see the process behind things. Great!

Listoria said...

thank you gracia and paula. i'm such a process girl myself! whenever i go anywhere that has funky clothes or quilts or fiber art anything, i have to inspect it to see how it's done (love it when i can touch it and see seams)!

Hanna said...

thanks for sharing the process - great art work!