Thursday, August 10, 2006

so much to do!

i'm starting to get nervous. i fly out of portland on monday for a week in nashville and i feel like i have 800 million things left to do! not to mention the whole "airline terror" sending the u.s. into red alert with super crazy heightened security and the fact that i haven't flown anywhere since 9/11.

see i had this plan, since i was only going to be there from monday to friday, i was only bringing one bag that i could put in my overhead compartment (see i've mastered the art of travelling fairly light!). every thing in one bag that wouldn't have to be checked and wouldn't have the potential to get lost when i switch planes in ohio (where i have an hour delay for a 10 MINUTE FLIGHT on to nashville). i've always had a fear of losing my luggage and getting stuck somewhere with no clothing and with my budget, buying a new wardrobe is out of the question!

so now i'm making lists, mental and physical. i found out that the meetings i'm attending are business casual, so i've been doing my own clothing remix - pulling out long sleeved button down dress shirts to make them 3/4 sleeve and summer comfortable. i'm googling different places i'd like to visit (the zoo, the local harley shop for birthday and christmas gifts for my brother, the local fabric shop to look for different things than what i get in maine, etc. etc.)

i'm very excited and just very nervous! for the most part, it will be me, no friends and no family accompanying or meeting me there...pretty well me alone for the first 2 1/2 days. and at that, i'm the only staffer going, the rest are legislators. no one to really hang out with till my boss shows up and even then, she'll be in meetings and events that i won't be. so i have to make my own fun, do my own exploring and traverse nashville on my own...scary and exciting, all at the same time!

must go home to finish remixing shirts now. my day is over!

have a lovelylovely evening!

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