Sunday, August 27, 2006

all the world's a stage

last night, i took marcia and deb (coworker friends) to lakewood theatre in skowhegan, maine for the production of "sarah, plain and tall" starring my friend juliana as sarah.
oh, it was wonderful! we had dinner at the the lakewood restaurant, then wandered around until showtime. we had balcony seating. they did such an incredible job, all the actors did! juli even had to sing on stage - which i find very brave, you wouldn't catch me doing that (unless forced to)!

per tradition, i always bring flowers for her and have them delivered to her "dressing room" and these were also celebratory flowers for another reason: juli quit her job after 5 or 6 years being there! i'm so proud of her!! she stood up to her boss (who was evil incarnate) and stood up for herself! for her to up and quit without another job to go to, that is a giant leap of faith for her and i'm couldn't be couldn't be prouder!

anyhoo, just had to share my saturday night with you all, tomorrow will be a deconstruction post, as i'm ripping out a wall today!

have a wonderful sunday all!


Shari said...

the playhouse looks lovely. i always enjoy seeing live theater. cheers, shari

Listoria said...

it really is a wonderful place!