Wednesday, August 09, 2006

corners of my home - an ode to the porch

last night was so quiet and peaceful. the muggy day faded into the mid 60's with a breeze. it's so weird how quickly the weather has really shifted gears around here. autumn feels and smells like it's just around the corner.

i threw on a pair of jeans and a hoody, grabbed an old book and a cuppa with the earl (an aromatic cup of earl grey, that is) and headed for my happy place, my sanctuary...the porch.

my porch is a place where wind chimes gently sway in the breeze, where christmas lights shine and rosemary and lavender scent the air. it is also the place where many nic-nac odds and ends go that i don't want to let go of just yet.

my porch is my window on the neighborhood. where i can listen to the crickets and peepers; children, distant tv's and radio's; dog's barking, bird's singing and phone's ringing. sitting in my old papasan chair, out of sight from the street, hiding away from the bugs in the summer, wrapped in a quilt in the autumn, decorated in christmas greenery and red berries in the winter even though it's too cold to sit out there.

it is my happiness, it is my place of relaxation, it is my porch.


gracia said...

Rosemary and lavender in the air - sounds beautiful. They are such familiar scents, loaded with memories... and so clean & fresh.
Autumn is on the way... as I get ready for the wonder of Spring.
cheers, grache

Listoria said...

mmm...wonderful scents! i love how you'll be going into spring, gracia! i'm really looking forward to hearing about what's in bloom and the how the weather is with you as we progress into the freezing temps of winter here in maine!