Thursday, August 31, 2006

demolition done

the wall has come down!
and in my travels through the world of horse hair plaster and lathes, i came upon this:

an old wasp nest with a bird's nest underneath (and in between two other wall studs, i found a bird skeleton). i didn't want to know what was in the nest, i felt so bad for the dead my brother is coming over to take care of it. i'm just not good with dead things -- or wasp nests...even if they've long since vacated it. now blogger is giving me issues - it won't let me create paragraphs. every time i hit enter, it makes the cursor disappear. so i apologize now for this being all jumbled together, but it's just being tempermental. anyhoo, my aunt is up from maryland and the next few days will be busy ones; fabric shopping tomorrow, a true maine country fair on saturday and a birthday party for my aunt on sunday. i will hopefully catch up with you all on monday! have a lovely weekend (long weekend for everyone stateside)!!

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