Monday, August 28, 2006

plaster, lathes and all that jazz

ah, the thrill of demolition!

i wanted to share what i've done so far in my parents old bedroom, which will soon enough be mine.

originally this house had only 3 bedrooms. when i was born, my sister (who is 8 years older than me), had to share her room...that is, until i turned 2 and my parents realized that we needed our own rooms. so they put up a wall in the middle of their huge master bedroom. 2 years ago, i ripped that wall down and turned it back into a master bedroom for myself. now the plan is to move into that soon-to-be newly renovated room and make the master bedroom a craft/quilting/spare bedroom (with more emphasis on the craft and quilting, rather than the spare bedroom aspect) and eventually (when the budget permits) renovate that room.

the only bad part about this job is the plaster dust. it's everywhere! but i have everything covered, an exhaust fan in one window and i've been keeping the door closed. when i walk into that room i'm in long pants, long sleeved shirt, dust mask, respirator, gloves and ball cap, but it still really makes you itch - i was never so thankful for a shower as i was last night!

blogger won't let me upload anymore pictures (don't know why), but there are some before pictures here and i'll be sure to post "during" and "after" picts on flickr as well!

the wall is calling, so i must go - wish me luck!


gracia said...

Demolition city! Apologies for the absence... I've been snowed under and I am busy playing catch up. Looks like a hive of activity over there.
take care, g

louise said...

All this talk of redecorating and demolishing is making me want to do the same!
Cheers, LJ

Listoria said...

funny you mention hive gracia, as i found one within the wall! don't worry about catch up...i'm about a week or so behind on everyone's blogs!

i love tearing down and making new, especially if i get to redecorate, louise! isn't it spring cleaning time soon over there? traditional time to revamp the home! i say have at it!