Wednesday, August 02, 2006

ewwww...but wow, too

Lake Spider up close
Originally uploaded by faerytreecreations.
i have a death fear of spiders. not daddy long legs or the little ones. i can deal with anything smaller than my fingernail (legs and all), but when their bodies are the size of my fingernail and they have huge long legs like wood spiders, i freak. this guy fascinates me and terrifies me all at once. i've seen it (and it's predecessors) over the years, always huge (seriously, it's body is bigger than my thumb and it's legs rival the length of my pinky), always scary.

but i can't help starring at it. i try not to kill spiders as i know they are very beneficial creatures. they take care of the flies at my house and i despise flies! but we have this agreement, the spiders and myself; if they stay out of my territory (the house and garage), i won't relocate them. if i find them anywhere in my bathroom, they're dead meat! they tend to stay in the garage, but even then, they like to cover the inside of the garage door with their webs, which means i have to unlock the garage door quickly from the inside, then go outside to open it (so nothing drops on me when the door goes up) and take the
broom to them!

in the picture, if you look behind the spider, you can see the baby spider sack. it was writhing when i took this picture. soon enough, there will be hundreds of little versions of this spider spewing forth from it! the thought gives me chills!

i have to stop looking at this picture. maybe someday i'll get over my fear...but it's not today.

have a great day, all! and sorry if this gave anyone the creeps!


simple me said...

I don't mind spiders but when it gets as big as that I don't want to think they are near me at all...but I try as best as I can not to kill them... I grab a broom and a dustpan and put them outside :)
have a good spider free day

Shari said...

hi tiffany,
i'm not enamored with spiders but try to remember for the most part they are harmless. i was bitten by a spider many years ago and had to go to the doctor because i had a red trail (approx. 7 inches) radiating outward from the bite. the doc thought it was probably a black widow bite and he gave me medicine which took care of it. later, i learned that in native american culture, a bite from a black widow is considered good luck. cheers, shari ps: i don't think it was really a black widow bite though!

gracia said...

I have an irrational fear of spiders... I can't help it. Even typing this comment, I can feel their hairy legs on the back of my neck! We have some harmless though visually terrifying wolf spiders in our back garden... and they are huge... yikes! I try to move them along without killing them as well. Hope you also had a spider free day.
take care, grache

louise said...

Hi Tiffany,

I too am a little scared of those eight legged little guys. I can also confirm that the wolf spiders which Gracia referred to are verrrrry scary.

Cheers, Louise

Listoria said...

it's so nice to see that i'm not the only one!

thanks for your comments everyone! a spider-free day is definitely a good day!