Wednesday, August 23, 2006

doin' the happy dance!

yesterday i was swamped at work (still trying to catch up from last week) and then had a bit of a family social butterfly night where my sister, mother and brother converged on me one right after the other, whether in person or via the phone. you'd think it had been ages since i'd seen any of them! it was 8:00 before I got to eat dinner and look at the mail.

in the mail was the adult education fall course guide (which i love to look at because they always have interesting crafty courses to take). i leisurely flipped through it, then stopped dead on page 15 and became awash in happiness.

they are offering drawing classes again!!

3 years ago they offered a class that filled up within 2 days of it being posted and i missed out. i was so bummed! so i vowed to call as soon as they opened today and register. i was in luck! there was still room left! yippee!!!! and when i talked to my mother about it, she said she would go halves with me on the cost of the 2 courses as a birthday present (since one starts in november). double yippee!!

i have wanted to take a formal drawing class forever! in high school, art classes conflicted with my english classes - which i needed to graduate - so i lost out on art and went on to major in english lit in university.

i've always been able to draw to an extent...but i knew that i needed structure and instruction. my drawings lack life, lack dimension and it frustrates me because i can see how i want it to look in my mind, but trying to translate that down my arm, through my hand and onto paper...well, something gets lost.

there are 2 classes: the introductory "drawing for the true blue beginner" starting october 3rd and running for 6 weeks, then the continuation "drawing for the almost true blue beginner" starting november 14th (2 days before my birthday) and running for another 6 weeks! i cannot wait!

the classes are being taught by artist helene farrar of artdogs studio. her works are just so vibrant and alive with color, she's amazing! and she will be teaching me! so again i say, yippee!!!!!!!

oh, in other good news today, i received my letter of notification that i will get my 1 year step increase at work starting in october! so hooray for more money to pay my bills and fund my increasing list of projects and home renovations!

today i am so doing the happy dance - i really hope it's a happy dancin' sort of day for you as well!

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Shari said...

oh i'm always on the lookout for courses. in addition to my documentary studies, i will be taking handbuilding this fall. can't wait. i need drawing lessons, though, because drawing is not my forte. no matter how i wish it were, it is not. :) have fun! shari