Thursday, October 19, 2006

bye bye fall

these pictures almost don't look real, like they are painted.

autumn is leaving as swiftly as it rushed in. rain and wind have let loosed many a golden, rust and pumpkin colored leaf. and my lawn is calling to me to grab my rake and clean it up.

i've vowed to do a better job at composting my leaves this year. i'm actually putting them into a bin to let them biodegrade, so that i can easily use them in my gardens next year. i don't enjoy raking, so i end up leaving them until spring, when they are wet and miserable, making them harder to rake, making my back ache, which inevitably is why i don't enjoy raking. i just need to rake them now and get it over with...or mow them over and let them mulch in to my lawn...hmmmm. no, no then i wouldn't be able to use them as mulch in my garden.

ah, fall clean up - my back despises you!

i hope fall clean up (0r spring for those of you in other parts of the world) isn't such a hassle! for some reason, spring doesn't seem so much more labor intensive...though i really think it is. maybe it's the anticipation of what all your hard work will bloom into that makes it more fun than putting the garden to bed for winter. which do you prefer, spring planting or breaking it all down for winter?

happy thursday all! we're one step closer to weekend bliss!

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simple me said...

Yeah, you are right they look like paintings. Possibly oil paitings from the romantic period...