Tuesday, October 24, 2006

week 3 homework

"wine by candlelight"
soft charcoal, vine charcoal and china marker
I really don't feel that I took my time with this. Funny how you can tell just by the finished product. I know I didn't focus as much as I should have and the depth is all off! At least I can recognize this and work on it for next time.


Saucy said...

You are progressing over the weeks... I can see it. As you improve, you will begin to "see" things more as they "are" than "what you remember them to look like", that's the key.

Really little kids draw what they "see" and then they get a little older, around preschool they start drawing "symbols" of what they see (like sticks for arms and dots for eyes). Then all the way through childhood, most kids are just encouraged along this way... which is why most people can't really draw. It's a developmental thing.

Your art teacher is doing a good job using blind contour assignments alternating with still life. She is training you back to "drawing what you see"! It's an amazing process. Enjoy.

gracia said...

Hi there Tiff,
Ahh, those notoriously tricky things - ellipses! Thanks for showing your latest work... I am busily catching up on all my blog connections and running a little behind.
take care, g
(P.S. And an email will be zooming its way to your door shortly... LJ & I love the sounds of those tiny bird cards you mentioned. )

Listoria said...

Saucy, thank you for saying that! I really do feel that I'm learning, but I really need to practice. Blind Contour sucked, but I know that it helped. It's made me catch myself when I'm not focusing!

Gracia, there aren't as many of those cards as I thought, but my mother said she thinks she knows where more are, so I will be digging around her house in attempts to find more - I'll be happy to see them have a good home and be put to use!


simple me said...

It's always good to see someone progressing. One of the things that caught my attention is the fact that you are using large sheets to draw...I like large pages to draw it gives you freedom to expand but it can be intimidating.
I like the different shades and shadows in this one and I wouldn't worry too much if it isn't exactly the way it should look in reality. I like the fact that the perpective is not perfect. It reminds me of naive paintings, which I find very interesting. Explore the fact that your drawing doesn't exactly match the real thing.
Here is a naive painting that I thought you would like: