Monday, October 02, 2006

wishing i was here

i slept wrong last night and have the worst stiff neck which turning into the worst migraine...and i'm still at work...but i'd rather be here - wandering through waist deep grass, listening to the birdsong, the buzz of bees and various insects, the water lapping the shoreline, an occasional boat puttering along.
it was warm that day, not hot, but comfortable - the perfect jeans and t-shirt weather.
a very slight breeze was blowing - barely a whisper through the tall grass.
and the sun was setting across the lake.
even after the sun set, it was warm...and so very relaxing.
so physically, i'm here at work on a very cloudy day, listening to construction and wishing away this headache...but mentally, i'm walking through this luscious field...watching the dragonflies and the butterflies...
here's hoping your mental landscape is as peaceful!

1 comment:

gracia said...

I'd rather be there too. Listening to birdsong and wandering through the long grass sounds ideal to me. Thanks for the stroll.

take care, g