Friday, October 27, 2006

A Week of Intentions

I know we all compose blog posts in our heads (come on now, admit it, you do, too!) but that seems all I have done this week, compose these great blog posts in my head and when I finally get a free moment to post...*poof*...gone! Or I think, "Oh, I can write about...wait, no I haven't taken the pictures yet...oh but...nope, no pictures of that either." It's very sad!

This week's "What I Learned Wednesday" was going to be all about negative space - did I take pictures of what I drew? No. And Wednesday was such a hectic day that I gave up ever trying to type what I learned, how much fun I had, how much more I need to practice and how the teacher thinks I'm too detail oriented (since when is that a bad thing?)

I finished a fairy this week and actually took pictures of her. Did I upload them to Flickr? No.

I've almost finished the Imp that Juli and Maddie requested - haven't taken pictures of him.

I've been making little snowmen and christmas tree ornaments for the December craft fair - nope, didn't take pictures of those yet, either.

There's the mail that I sent out to dear Shari - well, no I can't blog about that until she gets it. Then I can post the pictures that I did remember to take!

There were even more treasures rescued from the bowels of the garage top that could have been photographed but weren't.

It seems like a million things have happened this week: I ordered new glasses that are much funkier than the ones I currently wear, my vehicle conundrums, the new sewing machine I bought for my mother for Christmas, today being Melissa's last day here at work (*sniff, sniff* I'm really going to miss her - not that I can't just go to her house for visits, but it's not the same as having her right upstairs and seeing her everyday!) All these great and wonderful and not so wonderful things I could blog have blogged about...but I didn't.

So I'm ending this week of unfullfilled intentions with a post about what I coulda, shoulda, and woulda done, but didn't.

How boring is that?

Next week will be better. I'll have a picture taking weekend and start writing down those random, mentally composed blog posts or better yet - I'll start carrying my little tape recorder with me! If I had a cell phone, I'd leave myself messages, but I don't. I'm probably one of the few people in the world who doesn't have one permanently attached to my hand (gave it up almost a year ago - wasn't worth the cost).

Have a happy and productive weekend, everyone and next week I will be more organized!

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