Tuesday, October 03, 2006

like a kid at christmas...

i can't wait for this evening. tonight is the first night of my drawing class...the first night of 12 classes! i got the supply list and there are so many things on it that i've never used before and wonder what we will be doing with them? the teacher will be supplying what we need tonight and then it is up to us to find our supplies before next week.

i had an idea that, since i have class every tuesday until the week before christmas, i'd institute a weekly "what i learned wednesday" post to show you what new techniques i've learned and scan & upload my drawings where i've put these techniques to use.

i'm bouncing around doing the happy dance wondering when this day will be over and for this class to begin!

oh, i just can't wait!

oh, had to share this picture. it was taken through the window of my truck while i drove to work this morning. the sun was shining but near the river and in all the low lying areas the fog was so thick. it was beautiful to drive through - especially with the sun so blurrily shining through it.

there are more here (some a little blurry from the moving vehicle).

p.s. the headache and stiff neck are gone and i have freedom of motion once again! whoo-hoo!


Shari said...

hi tiff,
did you send your migraine my way?! i had one this morning and i haven't had one in months. love the photo with the sun and fog.

good luck with your drawing class.
have fun!

louise said...

Hi Tiff,
Looking forward to seeing what you learn in class... what are the goodies on your list?
Cheers, LJ

simple me said...

Just love that photo...what good inspiration for using in your drawing classes.
I imagine you can't wait to start. It's really exciting :)
Then you must show us your drawings...every Wednesday :D


Listoria said...

shari - sorry for the migraine. that's one thing i'd never wish upon anyone!!

louise - i'm so happy i signed up for this class and i made sure to highlight what i get to play with in my following post...just for you!!

paula - you are absolutely right, that photo is great inspiration! i am so excited about my classes!

thanks for your comments!!


gracia said...

Sounds exciting, promising and fun!
see you, grache
(I'm woefully behind in all my blog comments...)