Wednesday, October 04, 2006

what i learned wednesday

yay! the first installment of what i learned wednesday is here!

today's topic: me gushing over how cool this class is going to be...

my very first class was, of course, the introduction to what this class will be all about. my teacher, helene (pronounced HAH-lane) is amazing! she not only has a studio not far from where i live, but she is also an art teacher at the local community college. she's so energetic and really got us fired up! just listening to her last night and seeing some of her student's work made me believe that i can really do this. that by the end of these two courses, i will be able to make my drawings pop right off the page!

helene showed us what tools we would be using (here are the goodies that you asked about, louise) :

vine and willow charcoals
standard charcoals
conte crayons
india ink w/ chinese brushes
china markers
sharpie pens

then of course we have to get gum and kneadable erasers, an exacto knife, masking tape, pushpins, a sketchbook, a toolbox and a portfolio - i've never had a portfolio before. i know that i can make a really inexpensive one out of cardboard...but i kinda wanted something "official", not extravagent...but something with pockets and zippers and...well...i splurged and ordered this in the larger size. it's not expensive and i know there are much better ones out there, but this will be just right for me!

we went over the outline for the class and...did i tell you that i'm doing the happy happy dance of joy? :^)

week 2 (next week) will be all about experimenting with our drawing materials and getting the feel for them. we will also be learning about volumetric drawing through mass gesture, blind contour and we'll have an intro to contour.
week 3 will be a continuation.
week 4 will be about negative shape and "viewfinder usage to locate composition".
week 5 will see us creating a value scale, laying tone and "drawing with the eraser".
week 6 is all about beginning a portrait with ink studies and we'll get to use our china markers with turps (helene said that turps really draw out the lines that china markers make, giving the image a wispy feel). the next 6 weeks will be a whole new course with emphasis on landscape and portraits - we don't have the outline for that yet.

during the last 15 minutes of class, helen did a powerpoint presentation showing us various works by different artist (some of whom are her college students) and WOW - they were so incredible and inspiring! i wish i took notes on who the artists were but i was too busy ogling the pictures. there were only three that i recognized, frida kahlo (who's work is so unusual, but it sucks you in because there is so much within each work); gustav klimt (i've always found his work very sensual and his use of color and shape has always intrigued me); andrew wyeth (whom the great state of maine claims as our own because he had a summer house here...he's really from pennsylvania - but many of his works depict maine, some bleak - some striking but all beautiful in their own right).

okay, i think i've blabbered on enough! friday night, i will be heading to artist & craftsman supply in portland for my supplies and to just hang out in the old port for a bit (something i rarely get to do since it's about an hour drive from my house).

so here's to inspiration! i know we've all been contemplating it, thanks to shari. to reviving that much needed inspiration in our creative lives, so that it may seep into our daily lives!

oh btw, we even have homework this week - we are to place 3 objects on a table and draw what we see as best we can, spending no more than 90 minutes on this! i can't wait to get my stuff so i can start playing!!!


simple me said...

If I wasn't starting my own classes pretty soon I would join in yours...sounds great :)
I like the india ink and chinese brushes... and Klimt is one of my favourites from the end of 19th century. I like his patterns and the way people are represented as being part of the pattern.

Shari said...

tiff have you ever been to monhegan island? i love it there. didn't wyeth live on the adjoining island?

your class sounds great. i'm so bad that i wouldn't even have the nerve to join a class!!

Saucy said...

It sounds like you are enrolled in an excellent class. I do some teaching at the University where I live, so I will be interested to visit your blog to see how your class is progressing!

Thank you for visiting my little blog. I love comments.


Listoria said...

paula - i wish you were here to join my class! right now it's so new to everyone and we don't know each other that we're all very quiet. i know it will liven up soon, my teacher will see to that -that's just the way she seems!

shari - i have been to monhegan! it's soooo beautiful! i've heard it said that wyeth spent a lot of time out there but his summer house was in cushing (which is about 20 miles from the ferry in port clyde that takes you to the island). the farnsworth museum in rockland maine has the wyeth center (which covers n.c., andrew and jamie's art). it's a great place to visit and rockland is a beautiful little coastal maine town. i highly recommend visiting (then skipping up the road to camden!)

sasha - yay, another teacher! so when i have thoughts and questions, i can bounce them out there and know i'll be getting good advice! and i love hearing about other people's matter what their creative endeavor is. your comments will be more than welcome!


lisa s said...

your class sounds great! [very similar to the order of what i do :D]

you will show us what you draw yes???