Monday, October 30, 2006

Welcome Monday

What a weekend!

It started off Friday night with a farewell to my friend Melissa, who wasn't really going anywhere; she made the smart decision to leave a horrible and boring job in a more horrible office and strike out on her own, becoming a daycare provider! Yay for her! This something she really needed to do. She was just a big bundle of stress more often than not and very, very unhappy. Now she can spend more time with her husband and her two girls, she'll be at home and she's her own boss! But I miss her terribly and it's only been 1 day :^( She was my lunch buddy. We'd skip out of here most afternoons and just hang out, go shopping, get lunch or a hot chocolate, then commiserate that we had to go back to work. We were but a simple email away from each other that was normally answered in seconds flat! Thankfully she only lives a 5 minute drive from me and we've set aside Thursday nights to hang out, watch Grey's Anatomy and catch up with each other on the week.

Saturday brought rain and wind the likes of a hurricane! I skipped over to my parents with the dog to spend the night and catch up on some Christmas present crafting. Melissa let me borrow her Singer Serger and I was dying to play with it. So as the wind whipped and the rain lashed, my mother and I watched the companion video for the serger, learned to thread it and figured out what it could do...and then the power went! 30,000 people in Maine, stuck without power. Out came the candles and the flashlights and battery powered radios, the fleece pajama pants, sweatshirts and blankets; off went the furnace, the refrigerator, the ability to use the oven (thank god for a gas burner stovetop) and the ability to shower, wash dishes or use the toilet; down came the 5 gallon buckets and rope to dip them in the lake for water to fill the toilet tank, because I really wasn't about to live without a flushable toilet! And I spent the rest of the evening reading my book by candlelight and fell asleep to the sound of the freight train wind. By Sunday morning and no end of the power outage in sight, we packed it in and headed to my house, 45 minutes away. If the wind and rain hadn't been so vicious the night before, we would have left then, but it wasn't safe!

Sunday also brought the finishing of 2 projects and the start of a new one:

The World of Warcraft Imp minion for Juli and Maddie, and the Blue and Yellow Quilt Fairy for my aunt's friend. I'm very pleased with the finished product on these! The creation of the Imp proved to me that I could work outside the box when creating. His body is fabric, but his claws, horns and wings are polymer clay. He was out of the ordinary and made me create a pattern completely different from my fairy pattern! In some aspects he was easier - no wings to sew, no beading to add, no clothing - but in other ways he was more difficult because I had to figure out how to give him claws and horns and a tail. He had to be wired in certain ways and because he was all angular and hunched, he had to be propped up if he was going to look right.

The project I started, I haven't taken a picture of but I put that serger to good use and created a pair of flannel pj's pants for my sister (just need to finish the waistband and hem). The fabric is so great! It's covered in Mexican dishes, little cati, margaritas and sombreros and it's totally perfect for her! Her motto is, "When in happiness, harmony or doubt - have a margarita and everything will be that much better!" I need to get a coordinating colored t-shirt and stencil a margarita on it and buy her Coconut Lime Verbena lotion from Bath & Body Works (to her, it smells like margaritas - it's the lime).

Have a happy Monday all and I'll be back tomorrow to show you my "Negative Space" drawings (and I'm so excited, I should have my new glasses by the end of the week - I hope, I hope! Fresh, scratch free lenses, new funkier frames. I can't wait!)

Oh, and another whoo-hoo. My truck was making noises, so I brought it out to my mechanic, fearing the worst (a week being fixed and a ungodly expense); my mechanic just called to tell me it would be done tomorrow morning and the price tag wasn't going to be an arm and a leg (he said about an arm, but only to the elbow!!) You know it pays having a family friend for a mechanic!

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