Friday, December 07, 2007

High Stakes Dreidel

Hanukkah at Deb's was fantastic, which was good because I was fairly cranky when I got there. I was late leaving work, traffic sucked, I had issues with my truck, issues with the animals, had idiots behind me while driving to Deb's that thought going 10 over the speed limit wasn't fast enough and felt it necessary to ride my bumper all the way to the rotary! And to top it off, I was hungry and when I walked through the door, I had missed the appetizers (hot potato latkes...and I love latkes!). But dinner was good, dessert rocked and I started coming out of my funk by the time they dragged out the dreidel. We started off with penny ante, which I did well at, but before I knew it, we entered a game of "High Stakes" dreidel (5 penny ante) and the competition was fierce! :^)

It was so much fun! When any of us didn't have enough pennies to ante up, we just stole it from our neighbors. It ended up with Greg pitted against Noah (my chief of staff's 10 year old) and a quarter ante - Noah won.

By the time I got home, I felt so much better and come to find out, the room boxes had been delivered! I can start gluing those together tonight and hopefully start the paint/paper/decorate process on Sunday! Yea!!

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shannon said...

you really inspire me. i'm so boring! :)