Monday, December 03, 2007

Things I Could Be Doing If We Had A Snow Day

Things I could be doing if we had a snow day, or rather a snow half-day (we’ve already got a pool going as to if and when the Governor will close State office buildings):
  1. Finishing Maddie’s quilt – Thirty 12”x12” blocks are done and stitched into rows. Now I just need to stitch the rows together and clip the seam allowances to make it a rag quilt.
  2. Layer and pin John’s quilt
  3. Make seasonal pillow slip covers for the throw pillows on the couch
  4. Bake
  5. Play in the snow with Sadie
  6. Read
  7. Finish the swag of greenery that I’m making for the office mantle
  8. Nap


Yesterday, I did make myself the tree skirt that I’ve been wanting. And I did it without a pattern. I love those kind of projects, especially when they turn out really well!
As you can see, it has been Nymmie tested...

and approved.

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