Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Somtimes it Takes a Second Listen

Maybe I was in a mood. Maybe the timing was off. Maybe I just wasn't listening, but the first time I heard Sufjan Stevens...I didn't like him. And every time someone mentioned his Songs for Christmas, my thought was "I don't get it - why do soooo many people love this guy? I mean really - come on!"

Well, I'm here today to admit I was wrong. Yes, I said it and I'll say it again. I was wrong!

Capital W, Capital R, Capital O, Capital N, Capital G!

What changed my mind? Besides yet another blogger writing about their favorite Christmas album? - it was front and center for Christmas related recommendations. I exclaimed to the Universe, "FINE! I GIVE UP! I'LL LISTEN AGAIN! IT'S OBVIOUSLY WHAT YOU WANT!"

So I listened to the brief intro's to each song...then I went to iTunes. I do enjoy his stlye and I liked enough of the songs to justify downloading the whole album.

So I guess sometimes it really does take a second listen.

And here's a little gratuitous cuteness: I often find them sleeping like this - Nym snuggled in close to Sadie, sometimes back to back, sometimes him curled into her belly. This morning he was purring like an engine and kneading her back paw and only occasionally would she wince at the needle sharp claws. She's so good with him.


louise said...

Nym and Sadie look adorable together. xo lj

gracia said...

How sweet are you two cuddling-up-to-one-another loves!? I wish my Omar and Olive would perform such a cute act... g xo