Thursday, September 14, 2006

the busy-ness of this week

this has been such a busy hasn't seemed like it, but i've found it hard to get some internet time! work has been a bit crazy busy and i haven't installed my dsl at home, so i have no home internet access for the moment.

there's nothing stopping me from installing my dsl...well, yes there's called anal retentivity - as in, everything must be perfectly set up right for me to be happy. i've been wanting to rearrange my bedroom and move the desk to a more convenient spot, but part of me wants to wait until the new room is done and just move my bed and dresser and a bookshelf in there. i've come to realize that that is unrealistic, as the insulation isn't in yet and the sheetrock isn't up yet. i think the new bedroom will be an ongoing winter project (well, in regard to getting the sheetrock up, the room painted and the carpet down). so i think i just need to suck it up and move my existing room around. i just haven't been visited by the "moving muse" yet. you know, that muse that strikes you, making you - out of the blue - want to rearrange your entire home? i think my muse may be on vacation still...or she's being overshadowed by the muse that has me painting my kitchen cabinets, thinking about insulation and making fabric fairies (which i have a halloween one almost finished - she is a super cool witch with black and purple striped leggings. she just needs hair, a pointy hat and her broom! i'll post picts when she's done).

but, speaking of kitchen cabinets...they are almost done (a layer of primer and 4 coats of paint later). i need to touch up some areas and then i don't have to think about them again! and i can concentrate on that bedroom.

oh, i have an idea for this wall, rather the wall to the right, without the window - the ucky paneled one. i'm going to paint it pale pink (like the rest of the room - with green trim. i'm really into the girly pink and green thing lately) and then paint a vibrant, hot pink tree (similar to this this but without the birds and ducks and stuff...just the tree), in the corner near the window...maybe some rolling green hills and an inspirational message that i can wake up to every morning. what do you think? any suggestions on a quote?

anyhoo, must get back to work and off of my break!

have a fabulous today!


simple me said...

My dear Tiffany,
I understand perfectly well the fact that once in a while we have to go anonynous. I was going through the same (as you know!) but Shari has told me to choose "other" under the identity and it should allow to enter name, etc.
I haven't tried it yet...I'm trying it now. I hope it works.
I hope you are doing well and my gosh! you really keep busy with all that renovation.
Take great care

ps: yes there are problems with beta blogger but when we manage to sort them out it is wonderful. :)

Shari said...

i like the buddhist saying: "there is no road to happiness. happiness is the road."

cheers! shari

ps: you are so busy...don't worry about making a bonnet for me.

Listoria said...

paula, thank you for that tip. it came in very handy(and shari,too for giving paula that tip!)

shari, i really like that quote! i can see it on the wall already...painted in blue, on top of the rolling green hills, leading up to the tree! very nice!