Friday, September 15, 2006

friday 5...make that 6

a quick friday five (unfortunately no picts) before i head home for the day to start insulating. then i'm taking the weekend off from home projects, heading to my parents and i'm going to play with fabric!

taste: this morning, mel brought blueberry muffins with brown sugar crumbled on top from slate's bakery. yummm!

see: sunny skies and ominous clouds

hear: continuous construction that thankfully stopped early this afternoon.

smell: coffee coffee everywhere! the perils of working in an office...everyone's brewing coffee at all hours of the day. it makes you crave!

touch: beads and buttons and ribbon and paper goods at the local craftstore during my lunch break.

and number six today is the sense of "happy happy fun crafty stuff that i can't wait to try out" (how's that for a sense?): i found bleeding tissue paper to use as a dye for fabric (it's extra bright and will bleed out color when you wet it. if you put it on wet fabric the color will stain through onto the fabric and create a mosaic!)

okay, gotta run! hope you all enjoy the weekend!


gracia said...

"Beads and buttons and ribbon and paper goods at the local craftstore" - sounds like an ideal break from the office to me... see you, g

simple me said...

Hummmm...bluberry muffins, warm and sweet....Hummmmmm!
I also like the ominous clouds and the touch of beads, buttons, ribbons, fabric and paper. what a great luch break.