Thursday, September 21, 2006

mail call

so this morning, i got up to walk the dog at the usual time (5:30, ugh) and decided to leave the house by way of the front door rather than the back (like normal) and i'm so glad i did! i found this

waiting for me on my front porch! it was a wonderful package choked full of fun stuff from the amazing and sweet paula! (when i got the mail yesterday, i didn't go out onto the porch, because i grabbed it from the mailbox on the way back from taking sadie for a short walk, then went in the backdoor) i couldn't wait to get back from the morning walk to open this package and see what was inside! i think i hurried the dog along a little more this morning than normal (poor sadie).

so here are the goodies that paula sent me:

beautiful fabric, the best orange buttons, oh so cute cards with bears on them and a portuguese craft magazine that has creative sewing ideas from embroidery and quilting to knitting and crocheting! some of my pictures are a little fuzzy, but by this time it was 6 am, coupled with the lighting in my kitchen not being the best anyway (but you get the idea).

i poured over the magazine while i drank my tea. it is so amazing! and even though it is in portuguese, much of it is self-explanatory what with the very detailed pictures. oh and the patterns!!! there are 3 huge (HUGE) pullouts of patterns. oh my god, they are amazing.

paula, this was so sweet of you! i love everything! thank you thank you thank you! what a great way to start the day...with presents from portugal on the porch (say that 5 times fast).

here's hoping for happy mail for everyone today!



simple me said...

Thank you too. It was my pleasure.
have a great weekend.


simple me said...

ps: poor sadie indeed :)

Listoria said...

you just rock, paula!


gracia said...

Wonderful snail mail for you to enjoy... and all the way from Portugal.
take care, grache