Monday, September 11, 2006

for the love of all things mini

i've always had this fascination with miniature things, especially little doll house things. so this weekend, as i waited for paint to dry on cabinets and laundry to wash, i was over taken by mini-mode and broke out the fimo, paint, a bit of fabric and bits of wood to create this little scene:

okay, so maybe i do have a little too much time on my hands, some might say i need a hobby...but isn't this a hobby?

i had so much fun making this scene. the little hutch i bought, as well the pumpkins and the little fabric leaves, but i made the hanging mini quilt, the folded mini quilt on the mini quilt rack (which i made out of wooden 2 prong toothpick things, a wooden skewer and some glue). i also made the tea set and "pottery" and the little witch's hat on the top of the hutch.

i have a doll house, the attic, i think...that my mother made for me. it's not too big, and only has 4 rooms but it's cute. i should dig that out. i even made mini furniture in a wood shop class in the 7th grade for it because they looked so cool (and again, the mini-fascination overtook me!). you know, the more i think about it, the more i want to find it. maybe i'll go up there when it gets cool and the wasps and spiders get out of my attic. i could take it out and dress it up for halloween and christmas! is it sad that i'm almost 30 and i want to drag out my old doll house to play with it...well not really play so much as display...yeah, that's it...display.....

anyhoo, i want to recreate this scene (not exactly, but similarly) for my sister and my mother for their houses. i think they'd like it! of course, then i'd have to go over there and change it out for the holidays and seasons...not that they'd mind of course.

well, must go, just thought i'd share my weekend mini creations. have a wonderful monday, all!

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