Wednesday, September 27, 2006

a cloudy T for me

really not much has happened this week.

no exciting news, no finished projects to show, no WIPs that you haven't already seen (or that i have pictures of at the moment).

it's really rather sad.

so i'm just going to share with you this picture i took
yesterday as i was heading out to work.

it's a T for me! (albiet a wispy one)

have a great day and maybe i'll have inspired words and pictures tomorrow.


Shari said...

love the cloudy t! i never tire of looking up! hope you are well.

gracia said...

A wispy 't' seems indicative that things are on the up! Big things on the horizon for next week?
take care, g

simple me said...

Lovely picture...I love skies and clouds...

Listoria said...

thank you thank you for your comments, everyone! i'm very partial to clouds - especially when you can make things out of them.

i'm starting my drawing class tomorrow, so i'm thinking that it might initiate a "what i learned wednesday" from now until december!