Thursday, September 07, 2006

so i lied

yup, i'm bad. i said i was going to post a pict of the bonnet and you know what? i never took a picture of it.

i was a lazy slug last night after returning home from the dinner party. only 2 of us showed up and it was marvelous! so much better than a whole group of cackling women...and mel planned a wonderful meal of a moroccan-style veggie soup from her soup bible, a green salad with walnuts and dried cranberries, cheese and melon, olive oil and rosemary bread and i brought hummus & pita crisps. oh it was so yummy and followed up with ice cream for desert that teen brought!

it wasn't a late night, but it was when i got home, i sat in the recliner to baby my sadie and flip through the day's mail.

today has been a...well (i hate to admit it, since i am at work, but)...a waste of a day. i have done little to no real work and can't get my head out of the clouds. i'm not saying this is a bad thing, but i just keep thinking up these things that i want to do and none of them are work related. they are art related.

one of the blogs i lovelovelove because it sends me into visual overload is anahata katkin's blog. she is an amazing collagist (is that a word?) and often talks about self discovery and being the person that she wants to be, doing the art that she wants to do, etc. etc. we've all experienced these feelings. one of her...inspirations, i guess you could say is sabrina ward harrison, whom i know has been out there for a while now, but to me and my little sphere of reality, she's new. i just read her story of how she got started and wow! how amazing is she? i mean really...after reading, i delved deep into a "what am i doing - what do i want to be doing - where do i see myself with my art - how is that so many others can make a living doing what they love - am i doing something wrong?", but it wasn't a depressing tortured artist kind of thought process. i've found that since i started blogging and reading others' blogs, that a) i'm not alone and b) if i think about it, i can answer these questions. i'm feeling less wishy-washy these days! and can i tell you how great that feels!?! it's like sighing out a breath you didn't know you were holding.

here's to great revelations, i hope you all indulge!

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louise said...

Go the revelations I say. Glad things are working out for you.
Cheers, Louise