Wednesday, September 06, 2006

construction rant revisited

remember how pretty it looked outside my window at work?

and then how i said that they were starting construction?

well now this is what i have to look at outside my window until they finish in november and then it'll be a parking lot.

they've ripped out all of the flowering crab apple trees and that beautiful little maple! i am very depressed about this! all to put in a parking lot! stupid parking lot - right now it doesn't matter that we need it. they have stripped a small section of beauty from this place.

well, i have to run. tomorrow should be a better post, not so cranky. hopefully i will have a picture of the newly attempted "bonnet" that i made (pattern from amy over at kingpod and angry chicken). but first, i must go home and then off to a dinner party! (wow...sounds frivolous paired with the environmentalist's outrage at trees being ripped out for a parking lot, doesn't it?)

have a lovely lovely, all!

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