Friday, September 22, 2006

i heart ray lamontagne and other friday randomness

i am in love with ray lamontagne. i’ve been listening to his latest till the sun turns black ("be here now", so becoming a favorite!) it is so mellow and dreamy (shades of damien rice?). i have to keep myself from gently swaying to each song when there are other people in the office (it would confirm their suspicions that i’m a little off my rocker). i don’t think my friend melissa and I have really listened to anything else in the last few days!

speaking of mel…the instigator! guess what she talked me into?

yes, i am the proud owner of 10 chickens currently residing at her house with the other 15 that she ordered (and no, the pictures linked to this are not the new chicks but the ones melissa already has). i’m not allowed to get attached to them, though (i personally am not allowing myself to get attached), as they will only be with us until they are plump enough to become dinner. they’re called fryers – a chicken bred to be fast growing and can be taken to the butcher anywhere from 7 to 13 weeks. their meat is very tender and they can be broiled, braised, fried, roasted or grilled – for those of you who are not vegetarians: hungry yet?

i know that some people think it’s a bit of a stretch, a bit barbaric to go from cute little baby chicks to roast chicken dinner in the same thought-line, but those little chickies, cute as they are, will be dinner all winter long for me…and i will be grateful for their sacrifice. blessed be to the baby chicks and the dinners they will provide!

other randomness:

melissa (who’s title should actually be "grand high poobah of the fraternal order of instigators") also asked me if i wanted to do a craft fair with her in december. uh, rock on and yeah! buuuuuuuttttttt, now all i can think is…what am i going to make for this? i know it’s two months away, but if i don’t start making stuff now, i’ll have nothing to sell. so i’m definitely making my fairies/angels and some simple fleece-backed lap quilts. i’m also going to make some very simple earrings, as i've ordered the stuff for them. i'm still thinking of little things and how to display them so they are interesting. i'm going to get my brother the metalsmith to make me a tree (to hang my fairies on) out of rebar. it would look similar to a morning glory vine pole, only the ends will curl around in a swirl and i'll have him solder a star at the top of it.
tomorrow there will be happy birthday celebrations for my friend john who turns 31! (thought it was tonight but i was wrong)
i'm going to attempt to make a plexi glass window on my screen porch (if it works, i will end up making more so that the screen porch will be winter secure!)
i was supposed to do up a dye batch last weekend, but...uh...didn't, so that will be on the list of things i'd like to do...maybe i'll do that up tonight - whoo hoo, fun with dye! yippee!
this has been a very random week - not crazy busy, but no day was discernable from another; it was very blah in many spots. i'm not sure why.
so here's to fun weekends with no blah spots! have a good'n!


louise said...

I've always wanted chickens but alas I don't have the space. I'd love a chicken run and a tool shed! Maybe one day.
Cheers, LJ

Listoria said...

i completely understand the space issue. that's why mel has my chickens. she lives in farm country and, alas, i do not!
but someday, louise, some day we will have room to farm!