Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Itty Bitty Kitty

Last night, my neighbors found a kitten. A little grey and black male tiger kitten with a jingle bell collar and a flea collar. Obviously, he belongs to someone. My neighbor's daughter went searching and we stood outside talking for an hour, but no one claimed him, no one could be heard calling for their little lost kitten. It was dark and well beyond dinner time, so we decided that I would take in this itty bitty bundle of cuteness and tomorrow (rather today), after work, we would make signs and resume the search.

I promised myself that I would not get attached. I've said for quite a while that, though I love kitties wholeheartedly and would like another cat, I have a wonderful and beautiful 8 year old grey tabby who has issues with sharing her domain with other felines (she only tolerates the dog - Sadie could be described as Tallulah's court jester). Well, I think I'm getting attached after only one night. I know, I know - this cat must belong to someone...but if they don't come looking...if no one claims him, I will.

He's so sweet, so lovable and litter box trained! He comes when you call to him; he curls up on your shoulder, purrs in ear and rubs his face against you with that little happy kitten smile. He stands his ground with the dog...he hisses and growls at Tallulah and she returns the favor, neither getting with in arms reach of one another. He has that little baby kitten meow and that kitty penchant for night time exploration (not a good thing for someone who gets up at 5:30 to start her day). By about 3 am, that damn jingle bell collar came off and kitty came to bed with me and Sadie. He was just so cute! He even tried his darndest to get into the bathtub when I took my shower this morning.
How could I not fall for this face?

His little face and his markings remind me of this fat cat when she was just a few months old
She always looks doped up in pictures...I really don't know why.

They look so much alike, she could be his mother!

If someone comes to claim him, I will of course give him back...but part of me hopes that no one claims him - is that bad? And even if someone claims him, maybe this is the Universe's way of telling me it's time to get another kitty. You see, I wasn't supposed to be home last night. Monday is the weekly dinner and t.v. night at Juli's house, but I begged off last night. I had some work to do and my house needed to be cleaned (still needs to be cleaned) and a bed to put back together before Mum and Dad come back up on Thursday...so I called Juli to say I wasn't coming out. I don't believe in coincidence - all things happen for a reason; I think my staying home last night was to be introduced to this sweet little thing and to come to the realization that it may be time for a new family member to be welcomed to Mount Vernon Street.

We'll see what happens; we'll make signs tonight. I've already put an add in the paper. We'll see...


shannon said...

aww so cute. i thought derek told me this morning that someone claimed him? it was 6AM so maybe i heard him wrong.

either way.... you could always adopt a kitten from a shelter if you decide you must have one! i know that feeling all too well.

have a great day!

Tiffany said...

No you heard Derek right, the kitty is gone. But I am going to get another!