Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Okay, here's the backstory...back in June, the Legislative Aide in my office let slip that he was looking for a new job. He's very campaign oriented and off session here is very, very quiet. You basically twiddle your thumbs and have to look for projects to keep you busy til January. So to hear this really didn't surprise me. My first thought was, "I want that job!" It's a higher pay grade and more responsibilities, but essentially I've been doing Legislative Aide work all along.

Well, the Legislative Aide went for several different interviews (and believe me, I was sending positive thoughts and luck with him to every one), but after two months, he was still looking...until about August, when he announced that he would be working on a Congressional campaign starting in January. I was rejoicing! Not that I don't like the guy, but because I wanted his job.

Just before we all headed to our staff retreat, I made my intentions known to my boss (Beth) and she seemed very happy that I wanted that job. She had a conversation with my Chief of Staff (that I happened to overhear) and it did not reassure me - even though I was only getting one side of the conversation, I gathered that he had other candidates in mind. But I let it go, thinking that if it was meant to be would be!

Anyhoo, two weeks ago my Chief said "I know you've expressed an interest in the job. And I not saying that we're giving it to you...but I'm not saying that we're not. I want you to be thinking of other ways that you can be of assistance to our members to get your face out there more, because after the next election, Beth is termed out and if Libby takes over this office, I'm gone too. We need to make sure that the rest of the members see you as an asset, so you can slide into any role that may come available and to keep you in a job." (that's the crappy thing about working here, it's all dependent upon elections, who has control of the Senate and whether or not you are an invaluable asset!)

So, today we had staff reviews with my boss and my Chief. They both said they're very pleased with my work and....


Seriously, I'm doing the happy happy dance of joy right now! Not only did I get offered the job I wanted, but my step increase went into effect today! Money's been a little tight lately (like a dress 6 sizes too small), so this has just been the best day!

Anyhoo, gotta go spread my good news to the rest of my family and friends!

Happy Wednesday!


briana said...

Congrats! Thats so awesome, Tiff! I'm doing the happy dance for you too!

lisa s said...


shannon said...

congratulations... really that's so impressive! nice work!

louise said...

Congratulations, I'm sure you'll do a fantastic job!

gracia said...

Yay! Belated congratulatory cheer from me as well!
xo grache ox

Tiffany said...

Thank you so much, everyone! I'm just so psyched. This really is a step in the right direction for my career.