Thursday, October 18, 2007

Yesterday Wrap Up and More on the Room Box

Everyone in my family is doing the dance of joy for me! I went out to my friends' house after work and we all had celebratory tacos. If anyone knows how to make you feel celebrated, it’s my friends! I swear they get more excited for you than you yourself are. :^)

But yesterday really was a red letter day! I had a smile on my face till I went to bed. I mean I got my step increase, the new job within my office that I wanted, I ordered cable (the very basic – I’m having issues with my rotary antenna and now I will have a clear picture on all stations. WHOO HOO!), my truck will be getting an oil change and a front end alignment next Tuesday and by the end of the month, I’ll have more than enough money to buy 4 new tires for my truck, which will make it pass inspection! I know, those sound like minor things, but when they weigh on you like a lead brick because you’re worried your vehicle won’t make it through a Maine winter – it’s a major thing. I feel like I can breathe now!

I also wanted to share picts of the “test” room box that I made, the completed cutting table set up and the finished magazine spinner:

This was made from fairly thick MDF that I had out in the garage. I want to increase the length and depth of my room boxes, so I think I'll have to head to the Big Orange Box (Home Depot) for some 1/4" MDF or plywood to make the real boxes. I haven't decided if I'll paint the inside or "wallpaper" with some scrapbooking paper, yet. I'll get a square of peel and stick linoleum for the flooring.

(Click on the pictures to make them bigger. I can't put them on Flickr yet, because my mother and aunt both look at my photos on that site - they don't read this, so I can share)

I was hoping to make these roomboxes up this weekend, but Mum and Dad are coming up to help me sheet rock. Guess they'll have to wait until Monday!

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gracia said...

MDF is such a versatile love... I have many fond memories of using it for all number of art projects... to build fake walls, to make plinths and other such things.
Happy (continued) celebrating!
take care, g xo