Thursday, October 04, 2007

What I Learned From My Garden This Year (sans photos)

:: the name “Early Girl” is deceptive ::

:: mildew spreads quickly...very quickly ::

:: a good plan of action is is researching what you're planting...oh, and knowing what the hell you're doing, too ::

:: all cucurbits should be planted at the TOP of the hill rather than the bottom to give them a full range of growth options and give the other plants a reprieve from trailing tendrils that will choke the life from them if not watched carefully ::

:: tomatoes really need their own space - far away from the gourds! ::

:: carrots need deeper soil or they grow screwy and sideways ::

:: two words - groundhog fence ::

:: peas and beans, like puppies, need a lot of training ::

:: herbs seem to grow anywhere you put them ::

:: just because you have a TON of pumpkin flowers does not necessarily mean you will have a TON of pumpkins…or even ONE pumpkin, for that matter ::

:: never just plunge your hand into a tangle of garden vines and leaves; you never know what may lay amidst those vines and spiders...huge, nasty, ugly, scare the crap out of you spiders ::

:: two more words – drip hose ::

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louise said...

What a lot the garden has to teach us... some of the lessons less fun than others. xo lj